The Big Bang

Jetstream 20/20 came into existence when scientists, attempting to harness the energy of a black hole using the hadron collider, accidentally fused dark particles with human DNA. The result was spat out into the universe where it came together in a musically creative frenzy. The four piece alternative/indie rock band released their first single ‘Walking Dead’ which announced their arrival on the music scene in 2020 and was featured on BBC Radio Cumbria‘Introducing’, the video being simultaneously released on YouTube. Further singles included ‘Good Times’, ‘Toad’, ‘Love/Hate’ and ‘Pills’, which became the bands first EP ‘The Singles Vol 1’.

Live performances at select venues and festivals followed including playing live in HMV stores. Increased radio airplay spread the band original music across the UK, Canada and USA.

2024 will see the band release the album “First World Problem?” Including all the single and new unreleased tracks. 

The band will kick off their 2024 tour at the Brickyard in Carlisle.

Origins of the Band

Martin and Darren had previously worked together on other music projects in the past and decided to take a new direction with Jetstream 20/20. With musical influences based in indie rock, punk, pop and ska, Martin and Darren’s song writing produce a unique alternative rock sound. Ben and Dave joined shortly after bringing high energy guitars and solid drum rhythms. Not only focusing on new music, the band produce their own video’s enhancing the lyrical aspects of their songs. The band are also working hard on producing a live visual experience when performing, including atmospheric video.